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Overview of Institutional Repository of the Kyushu Sangyo University

Repository of the Kyushu Sangyo University Repository is a system that collects and stores the research & educational achievements of the Kyushu Sangyo University, and provides them to the public.

 Terms and conditions of use

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● The materials in this Repository can only be used for personal, educational, or research use as prescribed in the copyright Low.
● In the case of materials to be used beyond the terms of the copyright Law, please obtain permission of the copyright holder.
● Kyushu Sangyo University and Kyushu Sangyo University Library assumes no responsibility or liability for any actions taken
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Research and educational products produced by the University [departmental bulletin paper, doctoral thesis, journal article , research report, technical report(discussion paper,etc), presentation and conference paper, conference paper, general magazine article,book, learning material, etc.]



Communities in DSpace

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1 紀要論文 / Departmental Bulletin Paper
2 博士論文 / Doctoral Thesis
3 学術雑誌論文 / Journal Article
4 研究報告書、資料 / Research Report
5 テクニカルレポート(ディスカッションペーパー等)/ Technical Report(Discussion Paper,etc)
6 学術学会発表論文、資料 / Presentation and Conference Paper
7 会議発表論文、資料 / Conference Paper
8 一般雑誌記事 / General Magazine Article
9 図書 / Book
10 教材 / Learning Material
11 本学所蔵の学術情報資料 / Kyushu Sangyo University Collection Academic Materials
12 その他 / Others


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