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Title: 有用清酒酵母の開発(物質生命化学科)
Other Titles: Selection and breeding of Useful Sake Yeast for Ginjo-Sake Brewing(DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY)
Authors: 羽田野, 雄大
一松, 時生
大場, 孝宏
末永, 光
満生, 慎二
境, 正志
Hatano, Yudai
Ichimatsu, Tokio
Oba, Takahiro
Suenaga, Hikaru
Mitsuiki, Shinji
Sakai, Masashi
ハタノ, ユウダイ
イチマツ, トキオ
オオバ, タカヒロ
スエナガ, ヒカル
ミツイキ, シンジ
サカイ, マサシ
九州産業大学工学研究科 / 福岡県工業技術センター生物食品研究所 / 福岡県工業技術センター生物食品研究所 / 福岡県工業技術センター生物食品研究所 / 九州産業大学工学部 / 九州産業大学工学部
Keywords: Sake yeast
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: 九州産業大学工学部
Abstract: In the case of sake, malic acid ethyl caproate and are considered to be closely associated with good taste and flavor. To development of useful sake yeast for ginjo-shu brewing, we have first isolated yeast strains from sake-mash made at sake breweries in Fukuoka Prefecture. 253 strains isolated were tested on their malic acid-producing acivity using koji extract culture medium. By the brewing tests on a small scale, 4 strains (16BY1-10, 16BY2-2, 16BY7-6, 16BY8-9) were selected as high malic acid-producing strains. After UV irradiation, 62 cerulenin-resistant mutants were isolated from these 4 strains. (Serulenin is an inhibitor of fatty acid synthase.) The sake brewing characteristics of each of five mutants were examined by using koji extract culture medum. Finally, 5 mutant strains (15BY14-6-C1, 16BY7-6-C2, 16BY8-9-C1, 16BY8-9-C2, 16BY8-9-C3) were selected as a result of that test. These mutant strains showed high producing ability for malic acid- and ethyl caproate-producing ability, but not enough fermentation ability. Thus, further studies such as hybridization are need to breeding of useful sake yeast.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11178/4798
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