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Title: グリーン「有機共創」マーケティング
Other Titles: Green Organic Prosumerism Marketing
Authors: 齋藤, 實男
Saito, Jitsuo
サイトウ, ジツオ
Keywords: DUAL SYSTEM (Organic and Conventional), A=B=C (Administration/Business/Consumer)
LCA (Assessment of P→D→C→W→R→WOW→P': Production/Distribution/Consumption/Waste/Recycle/Waste-Out Washing)
Prosumerism (Producer + Consumerism)
3Li (Life/Line/Live)
3S (Span/Space/Species)
PIMA Communication (Presence/Interaction/Multi-Sensory/Autonomy [Ishii]) 4P: Product (from 4B to 4A [Concept/Construct/Communication/Org.]) Price (Synchronization of the past la bour [cost] with the present labour [cost]/from Public to Private/from Possesion to Use) Place (Disintermediation/Green Distribution) Promotion (Permission), Take Part In
IT (4S: Separate・Slight cost = economical・Speed [Tkenaka]・Share)
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2001
Publisher: 九州産業大学商学会
Abstract: How do JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative) and other organic produce dealers do marketing with IT (Information Technology) in Japanese society and agricultural produce market, particularly Kyushu Island one invaded by globalization, price destruction, deregulation, changeable exchange rate and economic depression wave? How do they build a "Outside In (Market In)" information system by IT to catch and response the needs of small-sized organic movement groups, particularly Green-prosumerism ("prosumer[producer + consumer]" + ism, cf. Toffler A. [T_<of>・A-1]) groups? To answer this question this paper shows firstly the situation of Japanese agricultural produce market, particularly Kyushu Island one, secondly the organic produce dealing situation in the market and secondly Green-prosumerism in the dealing situation supported by the organic certification rule law by Japanese MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) in the renewed JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard). We hope the organically grown produce dealt by JA and the others bridges not only between oraganic growers and prosumerists, but also their hearts supported by the convination of Virtual exchanege with IT, Real speech, Live meeting and Live works in the organic farms.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11178/5943
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